Inflationary Rhythm Slows Down

For the second consecutive month there is a negative variation


In September, the Indice de Precios Al Consumidor – Consumer Price Index (CPI) – the Instituto Nacional de Stadistica y Censos (INEC) – National Institute of Statistics and Censuses, reported a 2.5% year-on-year variation, down from 2.9% in August.

Of the 315 goods and services that make up the consumption basket, 50% increased in price, 39% decreased in price and 11% showed no variation.

The official report explains that “during September, the goods and services that showed most negative effects were: gasoline, potato and tomato. On the other hand, automobiles, canned tuna and papaya  figure between the main products with the greatest positive effect.


“In September of the last ten years, the highest year-on-year variation was presented in 2013 with 5.37%, while in 2015 was the only negative year-on-year variation (-0.86%).”

See full report (in Spanish).