Tuesday, 7 July 2020
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Jaco: Empty Beach Town! (Photos)


From a Facebook post by Britt Nelson: Day 53. Let’s just cut to the chase. Jaco’s City Park is closed to innocent dog walkers. Parents with children are forbidden in the playground. Around town, several restaurant/bars are open Monday through Friday with restrictions, but must close Saturday and Sunday.

I call BS. Church services are still cancelled. More BS. Our beloved Pacific Ocean beach front is still closed to surfers, no morning walks holding hands with your lover as the surf licks your toes, no heading to the beach at the end of day for a spectacular sunset. I call BS.

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After two months of monitoring all the virus stats there still are only 6 dead, mostly elderly folks from the Central Valley. There are a few scattered virus cases here and there around the canton Garabito, but not enough to close the town into chaos. There never was! I call BS!

Costa Rica did what it did to be safe, well … the time has come to let Jaco Beach cut lose and allow the healing to begin. Enough is enough. There’s a lot of hurtin’ going on.

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However, opening Costa Rica to incoming airline flights from around the world is a whole other ball game with many variables and this threat needs to be taken seriously. Incoming flights have been delayed until at least June 15.

But locally, the time has come for Jaco to yell from the rooftops “We Are Open for Business.” Rollback all the restrictions to pre-virus days.

You want to stay home, wearing your mask being afraid of others, fine – that’s your freedom to do so. But for the rest of us let’s pick up the pieces and walk into the future best we can as soon as we can. Rebuilding won’t be easy, but what’s the alternative?

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Help your neighbor, wash your hands, and remember our God loves us all.

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