Learning English is possible! (¡Aprender inglés es posible!)


The saying goes well that, when you want, you can! And this was demonstrated by a group of 11 young Limonenses who decided to put all their effort and dedication and sacrifice part of their few free hours to learn English at the American Corner Limón.

US Ambassador, Sharon day (right) with two of the ¡Aprender inglés es posible! graduates. Photo from US Embassy Costa Rica

They are fifth-year students from college, universities and the National Learning Institute (INA) who, over two months and after their days at the different educational centers, dedicated themselves to language instruction with the volunteer of the Peace Corps, Nandi Person.

These students had no knowledge of the language and now, thanks to their effort, they receive recognition that certifies their progress in learning English:

  • Tracy Vásquez Zúñiga
  • Heather Chaves Escoffery
  • Rode Bregman Monge
  • Kyriath Mata Cedeño
  • Gilary Salgado Guzmán
  • Raysannie Allen Wade
  • Dejeanna Evans White
  • Maridyn Mc Donald Carnegie
  • Yuney Gray Morales
  • Yulieth Ramírez Guido
  • Sheivan Cooper Daley.

The role of the American Corner is increasingly relevant in Limón. This has been the space in which Limonenses have learned more about the United States, from its culture to its traditions, art and music. In this space the Limón robotics team was born, hundreds of cultural exchange activities have been carried out and this is the space in which the United States Embassy continues to contribute books, teaching materials, technological equipment and more.

“More than 27 thousand people have benefited from the programs that have been carried out in the American Corner throughout 12 years of existence and we will continue to change the lives of Limonenses in the years to come,” said the US Ambassador, Sharon day.

Photo from US Embassy Costa Rica

Participation in Día del Negro (Black Day)

But the participation of the diplomatic headquarters in Limón is not limited to the American Corner. For more than 10 years, the United States Embassy has participated in Black Day celebrations, with musical bands and floats.

This year the embassy participates with the Big Wy’s Brass Band, a musical group composed of ten young people from the Promising Artists program of the 21st century, sponsored by the United States Department of State and in collaboration with the North American Costa Rican Cultural Center. This band is from Austin, Texas and its music is funk style from New Orleans.