Guanacaste legislative deputy Marta Arauz Mora, Photo by
Guanacaste legislative deputy Marta Arauz Mora, Photo by

COSTA RICA NEWS (By Marco Ureña, Vozdeguanacaste) — The Guanacaste legislative deputy Marta Arauz Mora requested a change for the initials representing Daniel Oduber International Airport.

[su_pullquote class=”H2″]RELATED: Ebola: Liberia, Costa Rica and Liberia, Africa Are A LONG Way From Each Other![/su_pullquote]According to the legislator, visitors confuse the airport’s current initials, LIR, with the African country Liberia, and tourists are cancelling their plans to visit Guanacaste due to fears of Ebola.

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“That confuses travelers as they don’t understand world geography, and for that reason we are requesting that the airport’s initials be GTE, for Guanacaste,” said the deputy.

Currently, the Liberia airport is known as “LIR” but Arauz wants to change that to “GTE.” In that way, the airport will be recognized by the province’s name and not that of the canton.

The change is presented in the framework for the Tourism Commissions trip through the province of Guanacaste.

On Friday, October 17, deputies that make up the Tourism Commission and representatives of the Province of Guanacaste held a meeting in the region.

Participants in the commission include mayors, the Federation of Municipalities of Guanacaste, the Guanacaste Chamber of Tourism and the province’s public and private institutions.