Sunday, 9 August 2020

Minister’s scarf casues online shitstorm. Don’t we have more important issues at the moment?

The choice of scarf worn by the Minister of Planning Thursday caused netizens to accuse her of being a communist.

Rico’s TICO BULL – Now this is worrisome. In six days when we’ve had 1,187 new cases of the COVID-19, and six deaths. It took the country almost three months to reach that number of cases (from March 6 to June 4) and one month to record six deaths (March 18 to April 20).

But the real scary part is that there are many in Costa Rica not worried about that and the message by Minister of Planning, Pilar Garrido, on Thursday, as much as debating on social networks of Garrido wearing a scarf with the Cuban flag.

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The debate centered on the multicolored scarf with a large number of scarves that on the right side you can see the Cuban flag, which caused netizens to accuse her of being a communist.

Instead of focusing on what is really important at the moment, a great number of Ticos joined the online shitstorm, which regrettably forced the Minister to have to explain why she wore the scarf and officials of Casa Presidencial and the PAC party to downplay the situation.

Did they not capture the moment that our country is in serious jeopardy of joining the other countries of the region in after doing so well, for so long.

Although our numbers today, to us, seem bleak and our government has taken steps to avoid an explosion of the situation that could collapse the health system to the point it may have to turn away patients, we are still doing pretty good.

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But, if we don’t heed the words of Health Minister Daniel Salas “we have to take better care of ourselves”, we can easily lose control and could, in the blink of an eye, become the next Panama or Nicaragua.

Here more Tweets in defense of the minister, which should have never been in the first place, surely we have more serious issues to be worried about.

I’m not even going to touch the Facebook.

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We ALL NEED tourists to come. To have our airports reopened again. Our economy get back on track. Life to get back to some form of normality.

But it seems we are NOT ALL on the same page.

Scary, real scary.

To all the NOT ALL, consider this (as of July 2):

  • Panama: 35,237 confirmed cases; 667 deaths
  • Nicaragua: 2,517 confirmed cases; 83 deaths, the official numbers. The real numbers are estimated to be tenfold.
  • Honduras: 21,120 confirmed cases; 591 deaths
  • El Salvador: 7,267 confirmed cases; 202 deaths
  • Guatemala: 20,072 confirmed cases; 843 deaths



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