Monday 28 November 2022

Mugged in Qatar: “They asked me what punishment I wanted for the thief”

This is how the police in Qatar responded to TN television host who had her wallet stolen in full coverage during the World Cup preview and had to file a police report

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Q24N (Infobae) Television host Dominique Metzger suffered a robbery during her journalistic work in the coverage of the pre-World Cup Qatar 2022.

TN journalist Dominique Metzger reporting live from Qatar, on Argentinian television, her story of being robbed. “There was a robbery, it was not violent at all,” she said

The TN channel journalist said that her wallet with credit cards, money and documents was stolen from her purse, so she had to file a complaint at a Doha police station.

“Well, Qatari experience: my wallet just got stolen when we were doing the live broadcast. This is the Police and they sent me here to file a complaint because they assure me that everything is under surveillance and that they are going to find the wallet that had my documents, money, cards, which is obviously what worries me the most. The other does not matter to me at all,” Dominique said in an Instagram Story that she posted on her profile after the theft.

Dominique Metzger was assaulted in Qatar while making a report in the World Cup preview (Instagram)
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“We’ll see what happens. What one did not expect to experience, I experienced, ”added the journalist after the police officers assured her that they were going to find her wallet. A while later, she recorded another video from the police station, where Metzger continued her story and highlighted the cultural differences.

“Here we are inside the police station. It is a women’s sector only. They made me go to a waiting area for women only, because everything is divided. The sector over there are the men. You arrive at the front desk and they direct you. Now a female police officer will come to attend to me, let’s see what she tells me,” she said.

A while later, Dominique reported on the channel furthering her story of her experience. “I am calm, I’m fine. I went through a situation that we talk about all the time: the difference is that it happened here, which they say is the safest place. We were here, in this beautiful place, but a few hours ago it was full of people. There was a robbery, it was not violent at all,” she began to detail.

“I didn’t realize it when I was robbed. At one point we were dancing with some people on the mobile and maybe it was there. The local people see us here, they notice us different and they want to hang out with us,” she explained. She realized the theft later, after the broadcast. “I wanted to take out my wallet to buy a bottle of water and then I realized that it was missing,” she said.

“I immediately notified the police who are nearby. And they told me: ‘Don’t worry, it’s going to appear’. And they are convinced that it will appear. They sent me to the police station and there I noticed the cultural differences. The male policemen don’t search you, they don’t see you. They tell you: ‘Go to that sector’ and it was only for women, many with their typical clothing. Since you are a woman, you have to be attended by female police officers,” she reiterated regarding that division that caught her attention.

“… they asked me: ‘What do you want justice to do with this?” (Instagram)
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However, it was something else that surprised her the most. “At a time when they were asking me to take my statement, the most complex part came, because they asked me: ‘What do you want justice to do with this? Because we are going to find it, there are high-definition cameras everywhere. And I thought I misunderstood the translation, but no: they kept asking me what sentence I wanted for the thief, if I wanted him to be sentenced to 5 years in prison, if I wanted him deported,” she said.

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Paying the bills
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