plate-changeIn order not to affect the vehicular restrictions policy, the National Register, say it will establish a computerized numerical balance so that it can temporary restrict the choice of the last digit of a license plate.

The policy is ahead of the massive change that all vehicle owners will have undertake to move to the new, more secure license plate.

The change will allow owners, if they want to, choose the numbers or letters on the license plate. To ensure that there isn’t an imbalance – say a majority of owners choosing a 9 and 0 for Fridays as their last digit – the National Register has instituted the policy that will be part of the regulations of the license plate system.

According to the regulations, the “vanity” plate can be processed only once.

Over the next year or so all the “old” license plates must be changed over to the “new” plates, numeric or alphanumeric, have six safety devices which consist of a hologram to the left side of the plate, and a laser flag and map of Costa Rica, a special number in laser on both plates that cannot be altered, and a back light at an angle of 45 degrees in order to prevent counterfeiting.

There new plates are already in circulation, issued to all new vehicle registrations and for replacement plates.