Photo from Nikki Kay's Facebook page
Photo from Nikki Kaye’s Facebook page


QCOSTARICA  – The member of the New Zealand Parliament for the Auckland Central electorate, Nikki Kaye, spent her Christmas and New Year road-tripping around Costa Rica with a friend.

The Auckland Cental minister spoke to the online New Zealand news website about her downtine in Costa Rica.

The writes, “While some of us suffer back-to-work blues, the holiday continues for some – but not all – MPs”.

Where have your summer holidays taken you so far?

I’ve been to Costa Rica and to Ponsonby. Costa Rica was amazing, pretty lush in terms of the rainforests – I was doing a roadtrip with one of my mates.

What did you do for Christmas?

I was trekking through rainforests in Costa Rica – it was really nice, really relaxed. I celebrated Christmas with my family a couple of weeks early: with our family we just have a day where we get together and that’s what we do, it doesn’t really matter whether it’s on Christmas Day.

Nikki Kaye back at her Auckland central electorate office. Photo Facebook
Nikki Kaye back at her Auckland central electorate office. Photo Facebook

How did you see in the New Year?

I was with about 5,000 people on Jaco Beach with fireworks and bonfires – it was actually pretty hairy because there were lots of people letting off fireworks in different directions, but it was quite a sight.

Worst fail of the holiday?

I thought I was going on a tour [in Costa Rica] to see some cuddly monkeys and bright birds – instead, I saw tarantulas, giant ants and poisonous snakes, and I’m pretty scared of spiders. Also, my little cat, Lily, has hurt her leg so I’ve been trying to manage a three-legged cat, which is pretty hard because she just loves jumping everywhere.


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