The Ombudsman is demanding at the Ministerio de Salud (Ministry of Health) require “extreme measures” against aesthetic clinics.

Former_Models_Rear_Disfigured_by_Costa_Rican_Plastic_Surgeon_thumbThis comes following several cases of patients suing their Costa Rican doctor alleging severe butt deformities. The cases involves aesthetic procedures performed by doctors who are not  plastic surgeons, injecting patients with liquid silicon, known as PMMA biopolymer, into buttocks.

Ofelia Taitelbaum said she has met with officials of Health and representatives of the College of Physicians in order to establish the necessary measures to regulate aesthetic clinics.

While the Ombudsman calls for action the Ministry of Health and the College of Physicians are urging Legislators to approve a bill would improve the control of its members.

“Our goal is to have the reform in the legislature before May 1”, said Marino Ramirez, president of the College of Physicians.

Currently, the fine for minor breaches of the “Mora Code of Medical Ethics” is ¢200.000 colones or a warning. The reform would set fines from ¢800.000 to eight million colones.