2014-marchamoToday is the last day to pay the 2014 Marchamo without incurring late payment fees and interest starting on January 1, and according to the INS, one third of vehicle owners have yet to make their payment.

In fact, the Instituto Nacional de Seguros (INS) – state insurer responsible for the payment collection – expects 16% of vehicles owners to default.

On Monday, lines at banks and other financial institutions, like Servimas, the lines were long.

Up to 10am Monday, the INS reported some 339.000 vehicles had not yet had the Marchamo paid. The INS said it expects one half of them to be paid by close of business today.

According to INS deputy general manager, Franciso Soto, the majority of the non-payers are owners of light duty vehicles (vans and pickups) and motorcycles.

The INS offices will be closed at noon today. Payment at banks and financial institutions will depend on their working hours today. Payment can also be made online at  Make sure you print out a receipt of the payment. With online payments you do not get the sticker immediately, having proof of payment come tomorrow will help you avoid getting a ticket from the Policia de Transito.