Costa Rica News – The brand-new Santa Fé Bridge in about 90% complete This bridge will provide a road link as well as an international border crossing in between Costa Rica and Nicaragua aside from the current Peñas Blancas border crossing.

Santa-Fe-bridge-nicaragua-costa-rica-border-crossing-460x338The passage, found in Los Chiles is anticipated to open up in April. It will include new immigration and customs facilities on each side of the crossing.

The 360-meter bridge cost US$30 million to complete, and is being built with cooperation from the Japanese government. The bridge may become a important route when it comes to transportation of freight, merchandise and individuals between the two countries.

The only work remaining for the Santa Fé Bridge is the positioning of concrete as well as sidewalls, as mentioned in reports.

The bridge is one of the parts of the Mesoamerican Atlantic Corridor Project.

Article by Costa Rican Times