Besides Presidenta Laura Chinchilla, her husband, José Maria Rico, the former Communications Minister, Franscisco Chacón and his wife, the Minister of Foreign Trade, Anabel Gonzalez, who we know flew in the plane last weekend, the rest of the cast of characters who have flown the plane that allegedly belongs to the Colombian allegedly investigated for ties to drug trafficking, is still a total mystery.


Telenoticias, the foremost television news service in Costa Rica, attempted to know this what would seem very simple information to obtain.

However, what they found is nothing. Nothing from Civil Aviation. Nothing from the immigration service. Nothing from Sa José airport management.

The airport manager says they only handle flight plan and pilot information, the source and destination of the flights and other technical information on the aircraft. The names of the occupants are not included in their information list. Any more information was referred to Aviación.

This is where the Telenoticias news team hit a brick wall.

At Aviación, deputy director Alvaro Vargas promised to fetch the (passenger) information, but never did.

At the immigration service the news team was told that they (immigration) do not file by the call letters of the aircraft, even though there is space on the form to do so. The immigration service (also) promised to provide a list of all forms filed during the past month and they (also) did not provide the information as promised.