A tow truck driver (Gruero in Spanish) attacks the bus driver with a machete in hand, in the area of the Bank of Costa Rica in San Sebastian, on the south side of San Jose.

According to witnesses, the bus driver got too close to the grua (tow truck), the trucker got upset, so followed bus until it stopped, to threaten him the driver.

Photos from Facebook Accidentes de Costa Rica.

Among the comments, were:

  • One more “pachuco” (low class) who believes to be tarzan (…).
  • A “rochitico pachuco” (no translation) should have his permit taken, he is a threat in the street for anyone…I don’t know how they let him work with mental problems.
  • No more tolerance in Costa Rica.
  • Notice the street lines, who is in the wrong?
  • Dumbest “Hiejuputa”.

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#serenidad #tolerancia