Pope Francis (Papa Francisco in Spanish) was given a new opportunity to savor “the best coffee in the world,” as he himself has said.

Pope Francis (in white) in a selfie with Monsignor José Manuel Garita, Bishop of Ciudad Quesada

That pleasure was given him by Monsignor José Manuel Garita, Bishop of Ciudad Quesada, who handed the Pontiff coffee from Tiquicia (Costa Rica) and some ‘yodito’ (coffee) chocolates.

“His holiness expressed that it is the best coffee in the world and said he likes our coffee,” said Monsignor.

The Monsignor was in Rome participating in spiritual exercises and an exchange with other bishops of the world. At the close of this activity, on September 2, the bishops were able to meet with the Pope and share lunch with him.

“At noon the holy father arrived and we met for almost an hour at Casa Santa Marta. Some bishops commented on the experience we had and thanked him.

“The Pope reminded us that the essential mission of the Church is to evangelize and asked us to have a true missionary spirit and avoid the spiritual worldliness that is installed and blocked,” said Monsignor Garita.

The Monsignor added that the holy father also told them that the bishops must be close to God, to the priests and especially to the people of God. “He insisted on avoiding clericalism that generates distance and estrangement,” said the Monsignor.