President Alvarado Booed In Guanacaste

‘To those who stop us, we are not going to let them stop us’, said Alvarado


“That is democracy…let them try a little north from here…,” said President Carlos Alvarado in a calm tone in a press conference after being booed while delivering his speech in Guanacaste on Thursday, in celebration of the annexation of the Nicoya Party to Costa Rica 195 years ago.

President Carlos Alvarado in Guanacaste on Thursday

During the booing, the president became excited in delivery his message when the crowd demanded from him answers on topics not part of his discussion, including demanding the removal of Rodolfo Piza as Chief of Staff (Ministro de la Presidencia).


“I feel proud of a people who remain silent there, but they are not afraid to move forward when we have to move forward, and those who try to stop us, we will not let them, let the Annexation live, Guanacaste live, that live Costa Rica. ”

With those words and raising his voice, President Carlos Alvarado ended a brief speech – lasting only five minutes – he delivered at the Nicoya Central Park.

In the press conference, Alvarado did not hide his disgust. With a forced smile on his face, he remained calm and collected saying that he thought it was “wonderful” that they could protest in peace.

Alvarado looked calm during the press conference following his outburst

“I feel joy, rather, about this particular democracy. Let me do that a little north of here,” said Alvarado, referring to the violent repression of protesters in Nicaragua.

“I think Costa Rica has to move forward, that is the fight, and hopefully do it in unity, I think we all love this country and we have to look for that common channel,” said the President, who added that press sees it as a “bizarre reality”.

During this week the president was on tour in Guanacaste and talked about improvements for the province, such as a strategy to serve families affected by natural disasters.

Following the traditional cabinet meeting in Guanacaste held every July 25, Alvarado and his cabinet reaffirmed a series of promises for the province, including housing for the poor, water, support for producers and employment.