SATIRE From QMENTIRAS the story is not real.

SAN JOSE – Costa Rica’s thriving public peeing community got its wish this week when Culture Minister Manuel Obregon officially declared the activity a national pastime and holiday.

“Peeing in public is what makes this city great,” Obregon said of San Jose during the announcement of the new holiday. “Imagine walking down the streets of San Jose and not smelling stale urine. Would you even call it home?”

Obregon’s announcement comes days after Costa Rica’s freewheelin’ urination policy was scrutinized by United Nations Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon. After meeting with President Laura Chinchilla in her offices last week, Moon saw San Jose Mayor Johnny Araya peeing on the side of Casa Presidencial. Moon said the gesture was “repulsive” and “pretty third worldy”.

Obregon’s decision to declare public urination a national pastime is “a victory for human rights and personal liberties,” Chinchilla said.

“This only solidifies our reputation as one of the most progressive nations in Latin America,” she said.

National Urination day will be held each year on Dec. 9 and commemorated with a mass peeing on the sides of the National Theater in downtown San Jose, Obregon said.  A bronze statue of a urinating bum, or “vago”, will be unveiled next week in the Plaza of Democracia and will have a continuous flow of water coming from its wee-wee, he said.

Source: El Pejibaye