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QTips: Tico Slang

Christopher Howard’s Guide to Costa Rica Spanish is an invaluable book for people who know Spanish as well as those who know only a few words. Click on book above to buy your copy today!

Bailarse a la justicia – to outsmart or avoid the law
Carterazo – to have your wallet stolen or robbed, By the way bolsear mens to pick somebody’s pocket.
Chayotera – signature. Firma is the correct word in Spanish for signature.
Chuzo – a car. La nave is also slang for car.
Chupas – lollipops. Paleta is the correct word in Spanish.
Cleta – slang for bicycle. Comes from the word bicicleta.
Enpalomar – to put in jail. Encarcelar is the correct word.
Estar de vaca gordas – fat years, boom years or prosperous times.
Gua Gua – slang for dog. Zaguate is also used here for dog. Perro is the correct word.
Guata – water
Herma – slang for brother or hermano.
Jupa de agua – a flash flood.  Cabeza de agua is the correct way to say this. Jupa is slang for someone’s head in Costa Rica.
La vio ‘ofe” – a play on words that means things turned out bad. Should be “la vio feo.”
Pelada de culo – a screw up (vulgar).
Peques – children. The correct word is niños
Peli – a movie. Short for película
Reguero – a big mess.
Robacelus – a cell phone thief.
Soconear – to shake
Tabo – jail
Tama – short for the beach town of Tamarindo. The place is also somes times called “Tamagringo for obvious reasons”
Yunai – the U.S.A. The correct term is los Estados Unidos or EE. UU.

Courtesy of Guide To Costa Rican Spanish

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