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Reasons for Your Wife to Visit Soccer Match Together 

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Trying to balance leisure and family can be an overwhelming process. Being a married, die-hard soccer fan comes with its downs, especially when your wife is not a fan. Unlike Ukrainian brides, not many Western women are passionate about soccer.

And if your partner doesn’t understand the joys and emotions of watching your favorite soccer team win, she may constantly nag you for spending too much time in front of your TV.

Well, there can be an amicable settlement to the issue. Why not take your wife to see a soccer match live? Even though you may cringe at the possibility of her asking endless questions like “Who is that player? Why is he running that way?”, there are some perks to having her watch the game with you. Let’s check out some reasons why you should see a soccer game with your wife.

It can help her understand your love of the game

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Before getting married, your wife must have known how much of a soccer fan you are and maybe the name of your favorite team. So, taking your wife on that exciting experience down to the soccer pitch with the adrenaline rush and cheering will help her see you in your element. When you allow her to share the joys, trainings and pains from the soccer player’s actions, she will get to see the beautiful soccer game from your perspective.

Sports has its way of bringing people together. Instead of tormenting you, a visit to the stadium will give her an experience similar to what you feel. Besides, there are many lessons you and your wife can learn from the player’s display of sportsmanship that can positively impact your relationship.

A soccer match can provide a unique environment for you to spend quality time together

Often, we get engrossed in the happenings around us and eventually neglect our loved ones in the process. Even if you are trying to make ends meet and ensure that your family ultimately has a comfortable life, you may unknowingly lose track of what matters. It’s always good to set out time to take a break and unwind, and preparing a weekend getaway should do the trick.

Soccer can help ease the tension around your home and dispel any ill feelings that may have eventually festered. Taking your wife out to weekend games can help set the mood. You may choose to begin with soccer and round it up with a private moment where you watch a movie and enjoy each other’s company.

Spending quality time together is a sure way to strengthen your bond. So when your wife complains that you spend too much time watching soccer and little with her, show empathy. Compromising is a significant trait of a healthy relationship.

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Taking her along to watch a soccer match is an excellent way to have fun while spending time together. While at the field, you can make corny jokes about the players’ errors and refereeing calls. You can also make cute faces that will have her laughing to her heart’s content.

She may enjoy meeting soccer stars

Whether your wife is a soccer fan or not, she definitely won’t want to miss out on seeing famous people. Imagine boasting to her friends and showing off that she has seen stars like Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo, etc. Once in a while, instead of seeing a movie, you can get tickets to a soccer game. Your wife would be grateful you picked her to accompany you instead of your friends. To make it an excellent experience, you can still get her an autograph with a soccer star, and it will be a prized possession she will remember for a long while.

She can meet and share tips with other soccer fans

Many women wish to know more than reality TV gossip, fashion accessories, etc. People find it unconventional for a woman to be well-bred and knowledgeable about soccer, and some women enjoy being a part of the few who are knowledgeable about the sport. If you take your wife to soccer games, she will be well-rounded and have opinions when people around her talk about the sport. And if your kids play soccer in school, your wife will know enough about the sport to discuss possible options with their coach(es).

She can stand in for you on the kid’s sports day if you are unavailable

You can not trust yourself to always be available for every event your kid(s) may have. Work or other engagements may sometimes keep you from cheering your kids as they compete in school sports. However, if your wife watches soccer matches with you, she will understand the basics of the game. She can quickly fill in for you as a parent during games and competitions and cheer your kid to victory. She will also help your children develop their competitive sides in sport, because she now understands how players motivate themselves before games.


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Watching a live soccer match with your wife is a sure way to build a stronger bond with her. The time you spend at the games together will help alleviate stress and ensure that you catch up on your marriage and learn more about each other’s interests. So while you sit through sitcoms with her, she sits through soccer with you; these little acts all contribute to building a happier relationship.


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