Circulating the social networks we have the latest case of road rage in Costa Rica, when on Thursday afternoon, on the bridge over the Poas River, In San Pedro de Poas de Alajuela, two drivers tried to pass at the same time and neither would yield.

The situation generated the “zafarrancho” when one of the drivers pulled a gun started threatening the others.

According to witnesses, the two drivers got out of their vehicles and began to fight. A woman who was traveling in one of the cars involved got out, carrying a small coffin with the body of her recently deceased baby, she was on her way to bury.

In the end, police arrived at the site and apprehended the man carrying the weapon, which was discovered no to be loaded.

Across the country there many such narrow bridges, most marked with a yield on one side, but that doesn’t mean tempers don’t flare up from time to time.

In the past, there have been numerous cases of fights between drivers, road rage, some of them with deadly results.