A senior lost his life after being hit by a branch that fell from a tree, becoming the first fatal victim of the strong winds that hit the country the last couple of days.

Photo from Guananoticias.com

The accident occurred in the community of Chircó de Santa Cruz in Guanacaste on Thursday afternoon.

The victim was identified by the judicial authorities as Carlos Enrique Salazar Álvarez, 84 years old.

According to the OIJ, he was on his farm under a tree, when the strong winds broke a branch and it fell from about 25 meters high.

According to relatives, they told the Guana/Noticias, Salazar Álvarez left very early in the morning to fix a fence; but around noon the dog that accompanied him returned to the house alone. The daughter went to look for him but was found already dead about 400 meters from the house.

“In the last 24 hours the National Emergencies Commission (CNE) has attended a total of 21 events due to strong winds, six in the province of Alajuela, one in Cartago, four in Guanacaste, two in Puntarenas and eight in San José,” said Sigifredo Pérez, chief of operations of the CNE.

Images courtesy of Guana/Noticias