Seniors And Older Couples Join The Trend For Smaller Living Space

With children moving, seniors and pensioners are selling or renting the traditional family home for smaller living space and closer to the city and services


An increase in demand by seniors, pensioners or older couples, for small apartments is revealed in a survey by developers held on the first day of the ExpoCasa y Decoración fair being held at Parque Viva’s Kolbi Center in La Guacima, Alajuela.

The developers explained that the smaller housing is the preference of older couples whose children have already left the traditional family home and now prefer to sell or rent their home to purchase a small apartment closer to the city and services.

Seniors, pensioners or older couples are joining the trend to smaller living space before sought out only by young professionals, students and couples starting out

The developers found that this segment of the population is now ready to join demand for small living space that was previously the focus young students looking for proximity to study centers, young professionals to be closer to work and couples starting out.

To meet the changes, developers are offering housing solutions in the price range of US$70.000 dollars for a one bedroom apartment to US$100.000 for two bedrooms.

To meet that demand, developers are focusing their projects in middle-class areas of Alajuela, Heredia and San Jose.

For potential buyers looking for more space, developers offer projects with larger floor area with two and three bedrooms with prices ranging between US$215.000 and US$290.000.

ExpoCasa y Decoración 2017 runs until Sunday (August 27).

Cost enter is ¢1,000 colones today, Thursday and Friday (1 pm to 10 pm) and ¢2,000 on Saturday and Sunday (10 am to 8 pm). Children under 12 and seniors free. Parking is ¢3,000.