Thursday, 2 July 2020

Stay home! Clínica Bíblica offers COVID-19 testing at home!

The Hospital Clínica Bíblica takes the COVID-19 test to your door even if you have no symptoms, epidemiological link, or prescription. The results are within 24 hours.

Understanding the need for social distancing and facilitating access to the health of the population, the Hospital Clínica Bíblica offers COVID-19 testing and any product from their Pharmacy to your door.

In the photo, Dr. Esteban Zavaleta, head of Pharmacy at the Hospital Clínica Bíblica, together with Dr. Xinia Porras Sánchez, microbiologist.

In the case of the COVID-19 test, thanks to the flexibility of the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, you can request it without the need for a doctor’s prescription, have symptoms, or an epidemiological link.

To get tested, you need to schedule the appointment, since the Hospital Clínica Bíblica must prepare its express laboratory and the clothing equipment that will be used by the staff who will do the testing to guarantee safety and thus avoid contagions.

- paying the bills -

Appointments can be arranged by phone (2522-1000), WhatsApp (8529-2100) or email For more information visit

“Currently there is no requirement to carry out the COVID-19 test. The sample is taken through nose swabbing, it is a quick process that lasts a few minutes and after 24 hours the result is obtained,” explained Dr. Rodrigo Cruz, head of the Laboratory of the Hospital Clínica Bíblica.

The price includes home delivery in the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM), outside this area an additional cost is charged.

The Clinica also offers the Express Pharmacy, a service it has provided for the last 20 years but that as a result of the pandemic has boomed.

The process is simple, any medicine or product from the pharmacy can be requested by phone (8000-911-800), WhatsApp or through the online pharmacy at

- paying the bills -

“In the case of drugs that require a prescription, then we ask customers to send it to us through email or through WhatsApp so that the pharmacist can review and dispatch it,” explained Dr. Esteban Zavaleta, head of Farmacia del Hospital Clínica Bíblica.

Clients can make inquiries to clarify doubts, attended by professionals.

“Whether to prevent or treat disease, we strive for responsible use of medications. Patients should educate themselves on how and when to use them, on the side effects,” Zavaleta explained.

The doctor emphasized that any medication dispatched follows the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and under the guidance of the College of Pharmacists.

The Hospital Clínica Bíblica takes the COVID-19 test to your door, from 6:00 am to 1:00 from Monday to Friday.

It can be done although you have no symptoms, no epidemiological link, or prescription.

- paying the bills --

Results are in 24 hours, including Saturdays and Sundays.

Cost is ¢58,000 colones.

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