Sunday 13 June 2021
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All Bark, No Bite: How US Bungled Case of ‘Major’ Money Launderer - US authorities alleged in 2016 that Nidal Waked and other members of his powerful and well-connected family in Panama were among “the world’s most significant drug money launderers and criminal facilitators,” with clients ranging from Mexico’s Sinaloa Cartel to Colombia’s FARC rebels. But...

Six Ways Coronavirus is Impacting Organized Crime in the Americas

(Insightcrime) Criminal groups across Latin America have been forced to dig deep by the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown. Moving drugs and contraband, shaking down extortion victims and getting migrants across borders have all become far more difficult amid increased scrutiny and the lack...

Guatemala Mayor ‘Tres Kiebres’: The Art of Being ‘3 Times Broken’

(InsightCrime) The atmosphere was light, almost jovial, as Ipala's Mayor Esduin Javier turned to the next item on the agenda. The issue was what the people at the municipality's monthly town hall called a "Boulevard." Boulevard was perhaps a strong word for most places,...


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