Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Legislators pressing for a reduction in the 2021 Marchamo

Legislators are pressing for a reduction in the 2021 Marchamo (circulation permit) due to...

Government yields to pressure from taxi drivers

Threatened by a strike by taxi drivers, the government of Carlos Alvarado gives in...

Minister says that everything was a misunderstanding …

"We already have the right to work," clarified the Minister, but commerce has to...

AyA Faces US$6.7 million dollars fine

The Instituto Costarricense de Acueductos y Alcantarillados (AyA) has no choice but to pay....

Rodrigo Marin resigns as Director of Health

Director of Health Surveillance resigns for failing to comply with sanitary measures

Lack of government proposals in economic matters frustrate business sector

Lack of government proposals in economic matters frustrate the business sector.

Road paving in Costa Rica

Auditor's report: road asphalt deteriorates in 90 days of paving.

Legislators bury possibilty of posponing VAT on basic basket

The bill presented on June 11 by the government to postpone the Value Added...

The final after the final

Tonight, June 29, is the final between the Saprissa and Alajulense soccer. Last week...

“Party Poopers” Police

Authorities are quick to respond that the police action last weekend was not to...

Reactivation of employment?

Opposition criticizes the government for lack of a plan to reactivate employment.

“Amar con Covid-19 “, The PAC Novela

(Lighter Side of Costa Rica) Be sure not to miss the PAC telenovela -...

No excuses!

There are no excuses that the AyA, the national water utility, can give for...

OCDE sends Costa Rica’s president to the blackboard

OCDE sends Costa Rica's president to the blackboard. "It is necessary to comply with the...

A “presidential’ dilemma!

The rotation of heads in key ministries hits the "bicentennial" administration of Carlos Alvarado...

Where is this bus going?

Opposition legislators demand of the new Minister of Finance a "route map"!

Abandoning ship: 30 Cabinet Minsters Gone in 2 Years

With the latest resignation of three ministers at the same time, the total abandoning...

Costa Rica flows

Costa Rica flows: seeks to reduce red tape to revive the economy

Bono Proteger: the inequalities of the favored and the still forgotten

The inequalities of the favored and the still forgotten

Salud Threatens Cyclists With Fines If Thet Don’t Social Distance

The ministry of health is requiring cyclist to maintain social distancing, saying it will...

A mortgaged country

Ambitious debt plan will tie finances for a long time.

Banks alert against “Virus de las Estafas”

Costa Rica banks have issued an alert for scams in the name of the...

As we announced, we will announce, the announcement…

Costa Rican families wait anxiously as was announced, that we will announcement, the announcement.

We were doing so well …

According to president Carlos Alvarado, everything was working well before COVID-19 ...

The other side of reality!

From social media

Tico Humor: Govermnet Allows Reopening of Gimnasio

On Monday, the government announced the re-opening of gimnasios (gyms). Is this what they...

We Will Overcome

#Saldremosadelante. Costa Rica will overcome, come out of ahead after the national emergency.

The 25 Corona Rules in Costa Rica

From William's Post to The Expats Guide to Coronavirus in Costa Rica (Team COVID-19). Just...


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