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The data speak: Stronger pandemic response yields better economic recovery

In a March 2020 article by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology  (MIT), the study using data from the flu pandemic that swept the U.S. in 1918-1919, finds cities that acted more emphatically to limit social and civic interactions had more economic growth following the...

Costa Rica is a healthier country for retirees than Panama

(EXPAT-FOCUS) Many retirement companies and organizations promote Panama as a better country to live in than Costa Rica. Although Panama offers many perks for retirees and is slightly more affordable one has to really look at several factors to get a realistic picture and...

Canadian Man Critically Injured Stuck in Costa Rica Because Ontario Has No Hospital Bed For Him

A Canadian man seriously injured in the Costa Rican jungle just wants to go home. But he can't, because no hospital in his native Ontario has a bed for him according to the family. David Ronald's daughter-in-law Shannon Ronald said "We are at a loss...

Costa Rica Thrives On Peace, Cooperation With East Asia

TODAY COSTA RICA (Korean Herald) Across serene and pacific Costa Rica, the military has long been a thing of a bygone era. Costa Rica renounced its military in 1948, and has since spearheaded a path of peace and development in a region perennially engrossed in...

Costa Rica’s State Insurer Loses Market Share

For the first time since the opening of the insurance market in 2010, the State insurer, the Instituto Nacional de Seguros (INS), has lost its dominance in the health insurance segment, which is now led by Pan American Life Insurance. Pan American Life took 40%...

Is Costa Rica a Health Care Haven for Expats?

Q24n (edited) - Costa Rica has a lot to offer expats. Are you looking for a low cost of living? Check. Are you looking for fabulous beaches and beautiful weather? Check. Need some cheap real estate? Check. The list can continue for days. However, one...

Costa Rica No. 2 in Annual Global Retirement Index 2015

(, by According to International Living's Annual Global Retirement Index 2015, healthcare is one of the major  categories (8th)  taken into account to find the best retirement havens in the world. Access to affordable, high-quality healthcare is important to most, difficult situation given that...


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