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CABUYA: A laid-back Pacific beach town and a curious island of the dead

Cabuya is a small town (and an island — Isla Cabuya) on the beach just a few miles south of Playa Montezuma on the lower tip of the Nicoya Peninsula in the Province of Puntarenas. Most tourists pass through Cabuya only because it is located...

David Cameron Vacationed Christmas & New Years in Costa Rica

Former British Prime Minister David Cameron (2010 to 2016) has been chilling on a sunny beach in Costa Rica while Theresa May's government has been sent into meltdown over Brexit, the impending withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union. Cameron, who called the...

Costa Rica Expands Marine Areas under Conservation Program

Costa Rica has expanded its Protected Marine Areas and other conservation lands by 92,000 hectares (227,160 acres) to protect sea turtles, coral reefs, whale migration routes, shore birds and biological corridors, a non-governmental organization said in a report. Despite “difficulties and lack” of resources, “important...

Costa Rica To Reveal Secrests of It’s “Blue Zone”

Costa Rica will reveal the secrets of living a long and healthy life at the World Meeting of Blue Zones, starting today, Nov. 16, and through Saturday, Nov. 18, in Nicoya. The secrets of longer living probably lie in the world's Blue Zones, characterized by...

Having A Blast In The Land of Volcanoes and Jungle

It was the elegant Costa Rican footballers in the 2014 World Cup that first got me thinking about a holiday in Central America. I knew Costa Rica was famous for its geographical diversity – it has active volcanoes alongside misty rainforests – but I also...

Hot Property. Mel Gibson Puts Up For Sale His Costa Rican Jungle Mansion. Again.

Discovering his 400-acre beachfront jungle mansion while scouting for his film "Apocalypto, Mel Gibson was bit the Costa Rica real estate bug. That was in 2006. The location, Playa Barrigona, in a remote area of Costa Rica's lush Nicoya Peninsula, Guanacaste. In April 2007 he...

Nicoya Peninsula Moves 11 Milimeters A Year

Q COSTA RICA - The Nicoya Peninsula moves 11 milimeters, the equivalent to more than one centimeter  (.43 inches), going northwest, according to a test made by the Universidad of Costa Rica (UCR) and the Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IPU), a public research university...

Poas Volcano Eruption

Q PHOTOS - Awesome photos of the Poas Volcano eruption sent to the Q by Ken Beedle, taken from his home in Playa Blanca, Puntarenas, on the Nicoya Peninsula on Monday morning (May 22). "Needles to say, I was startled by what I saw and...

An Intro to “Blue Zones”

(Q24N) Dan Buettner was born in Minnesota and spent time enjoying the outdoor adventures that Minnesota has to offer. As he grew up, he trekked all over the world. He received support from National Geographic and the National Institute of Aging to research places...

Paradise in Crisis: In Santa Teresa Tourists Sexually Assaulted At River Crossing

QCOSTARICA - A travel advisory post on TripAdvisor warns of not driving the coastal route between Santa Teresa and Coyote. On the this route drivers have to literally driving into the Rio Ario and Rio Bongo to make the crossing, where antisocials have been known...


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