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More than 78% of the adult population in Costa Rica has a bank account

The most recent information from the Central Bank of Costa Rica (BBCR) indicates that 78.64% of the adult (over 18) population that lives in Costa Rica have at least one bank account. According to official data, 72.14% of people 65 years of age or...

Opening a bank account in Costa Rica so difficult for expats

For many North Americans (US & Canada), opening a bank account is a relatively simple process that is done relatively quickly.  However, when they move to Costa Rica, the first logical step is to open a bank account. They soon find out that this will...

Hacienda Plans To Rebate 1% Point of Sales Tax When Using Plastic

(QCOSTARICA) The Ministry of Finance (Ministerio de Hacienda) plans to return one percentage point of sales tax to people using their plastic for purchases. The plan, if adopted, would mean consumers using plastic would effectively pay a 12% sales tax instead of 13%. The deputy minister...