Sunday 7 March 2021
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National strike this Monday

QCOSTARICA - The education unions Ande, Apse, Undeca and the organizations that make up the Movimiento Sindical y Social (Trade Union and Social Movement) will hold a national strike today, Monday, October 19, with protests in different parts of the country. The largest concentration of...

Strike that paralyzed public health last month declared illegal

The eight-day strike of public health sector workers last month was declared illegal by Juzgado de Trabajo de San José (San Jose Labor Court). From August 5 to 12, thousands of workers of the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (CCSS) crippled the State health system,...

Health Workers On New Strike Today; Albino Vargas Calls To Close Borders and Bock Roads

Block roads from border to border for up to 48 hours is the call for today, Tuesday, September 10, to the representatives of the Mesa Social Multisectoral, by Albino Vargas, the head of the union of one, if not the strongest trade union, the...

Trade Unions Suffer An Abrupt Cut In Power

In less than a week, Costa Rica's trade unions (sindicatos in Spanish) suffered an abrupt cut in power with the approval in first debate on Tuesday of the bill to curtail strikes. However, they threaten further protests to try to defend their right to strike...

Costa Rica 1, Albino Vargas 0

Albino Vargas, unquestionaly the most powerful union leader in Costa Rica, would be the biggest loser if the 'strike' bill makes it past the hurdles to become law.

Strike Is Over: Health Workers Retain Bonuses and Annuities While Courts Resolve Conflict

Representatives of the public health sector unions, government authorities and the Caja Costarricense Seguro Social (CSS) signed the agreement on Monday, following 42 hours of meeting, to end the strike at public hospitals and clinics that started a week ago. In the deal, the Government...

Caja and Unions Can’t Agree; Dialogue Will Continue, And So Will The Strike

After nine hours of talks, representatives of the worker unions and CCSS (Caja) authorities did not reach any agreement. The strike in hospitals and health centers will continue today Saturday. “Unfortunately we have not reached an agreement at this time, tomorrow (Saturday) at 10 am...

Health Workers Strike To Continue For 72 Hours More

What began Monday morning as a 48-hour strike by public sector health workers was extended for another 72 hours, that will now come to an end at 6:00 am Saturday, continuing the distress of patients awaiting surgery and medical appointments in CCSS hospitals and...

Talks To Avert CCSS Failed: Public Health Sector Strike Begins!

After eleven hours of negotiation, the Government failed to reach an agreement with the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (CCSS) - social security - unions to prevent them from striking today, Monday, starting at 6 am. The Caja's trade organizations called to protest against regulations...

Union revenge would hit economy

In the coming days and weeks, revenge by the countries trade unions is expected to result in a new wave of demonstrations and blockades of major routes that have no specific goal. They are groups that do not share any political proposal: fishermen outraged by...

Trade Unions Falsely Accuse Government Considering Breaking ICE Monopoly

Is the government of Carlos Alvarado considering breaking the ICE monopoly on the electricity sector? Two ICE worker unions seem to think so and for that, they have called for a strike for Monday, July 15. According to the government, the unions are basing their...

Unions up the pressure on the president

Iin the caricature we see Albino Vargas, head of one of the most powerful public sector unions, the ANEP, raising the heat on the 'pressure cooker' that is Costa Rica as President Carlos Alvarado tries to calm it.  

7 out of 10 MEP employees still on strike

Nearly seven out of ten employees of the Ministry of Public Education (MEP) - the majority teachers - have yet to return to work Among the MEP employees on strike since September 10 are teachers, janitors, cooks, and administrative staff, among others, The MEP reports the...

Vargas Activates His “Pension Chute”

In the caricature by, we see Albino Vargas, the leader of one of the most powerful public sector unions, the Asociación Nacional de Empleados Públicos (ANEP), heading for retirement now that the end of the strike is around the corner Vargas was pretty peeved when...

Albino Vargas: The Face Behind The National Strike

A leave without pay granted to Albino Vargas on January 15, 1990, has allowed this public employee to remain in his career as general secretary of the Asociación Nacional de Empleados Públicos (ANEP) - National Association of Public Employees - without the possibility of...


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