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Panama’s President Begins Procedure to Change Country’s Constitution

President of Panama Juan Carlos Varela on Saturday launched the consultations on changes to the country’s constitution. The presidential administration on Monday will begin meeting with political parties about the possibility to convene the special panel, which would be authorized to introduce amendments to the...

Panama seeks to attract investment from UAE sovereign wealth funds

President Juan Carlos Varela of Panama wants to boost UAE sovereign wealth investment in real estate and infrastructure and presented proposals to funds this week while visiting Dubai, the leader said. “We had a meeting with the main sovereign wealth funds here and we presented...

Narcos Continues Without Pablo Escobar As The Battle Turns To The Cali Cartel

A third season is a difficult time for any show. Though all of the characters and beats of the series have been well established, Season 3 still has to be different enough to engage fans while feeling like the same show. That challenge is especially...