Wednesday, 5 August 2020
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Fast food chains in Costa Rica are ready to expand in 2020 despite adverse local market conditions

Fast food chains in Costa Rica have solid expansion plans inside and outside the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM) for 2020 despite the many challenges of operating in the country. The national market is characterized by competition that is increasingly fueled by the emergence of delivery...

Why Wendy’s Serves Fast Food’s Only Baked Potato

Perhaps it was the squared patty of fresh, never frozen meat or the focus on baked potato rather than sliced, oil-slicked fries that did in Wendy's in Costa Rica after eight years in the country. We will never know. But despite the Costa Rica closing...

Business Warns Closures Are Much More, Just Not All Have Come To Light Publicly

QCOSTARICA - Beyond the announcement Saturday by Burger King closing four locations, the business sector warns that many more have closed or will close, just not all have come to light publicly. Just in the first two months of 2015, businesses that closed their doors...