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The Largest Floating Library will Dock at Costa Rica in October

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It’s not every day that a floating library docks at your harbor opening the doors to knowledge, culture and a world of Christian literature. Logos Hope operated by OM Ships International (OMSI) is the largest floating library that floats from port to port giving a chance to the visitors to purchase quality books for reasonable prices.

The Locos Hope will dock in Costa Rica on Oct. 15. Click here for upcoming ports for Logos Hope

The Logos Hope is now making people in Costa Rica excited as it’s said to dock at Puntarenas on October 25.  We are sure you would be as excited about it as knowing about the all time biggest casino winners.

On its website, the organization claims to transforms lives by delivering knowledge, hope and help to people around the world. OMSI is the pioneer organization to have developed such an approach where ships are used to transport humanitarian aid resources, personnel and literature. OMSI depends on contributions and gifts which they use to help the people in ports they visit.

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More About the Logos Hope

The Logos Hope is popular with people around the world for the work it does by delivering Christian literature and educational books to different ports across the world. You might consider yourself lucky just if you get a chance to see the library with your own eyes. It’s simply the biggest out there and one that you are sure to love.

The innovative approach of delivering knowledge by sea is funded by different people around the world who believe in the cause. The floating library has been doing rounds of the globe from 1970 and has traveled across 151 nations. Over 43 million people from all walks of life- celebrities, politicians, prime ministers, presidents to poor and homeless people have visited the library and got access to huge treasure of books.

The Logos Hope was put in service in 2009 and is the fourth ship to host the library of books. During its service, it has traveled to 73 ports in places such as South East Asia, Sri Lanka, India, the Middle East, West Africa, the Caribbean and Europe. Around 400 people coming from 60 different nationalities work on the board and make the initiative possible.

Can You Book Your Trip on it?

The ship will sail in October to Costa Rica where it will be stationed till November 12, 2018. The bookworms in the region will surely be delighted to get such a vast library which contains over 5,000 books.

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Apart from having a library that helps spread knowledge, the personnel of the ship help out the local community through various ways. They provide aid and help to the people in need and show them hope and help to spread the message of Christianity bringing hope to everyone. Group prayers are also held as a part of the initiative and play a big role acting as a foundation for everything they do, according to the organization.

It has been able to gather interest and intrigue people everywhere it has dropped its anchor.



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