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“The poor are immune”: why the false version that coronavirus is a disease of the rich circulates in Mexico

In Mexico more than half of the population lives in poverty and approximately 70% are overweight or hypertensive. Covid-19 severely affects people with previous conditions

The prejudices and social stigmas in the midst of the pandemic have been present in the population of Mexico and unfortunately also in politics and governors, such as Miguel Barbosa, of Puebla, who this Wednesday said that the poor of Mexico did not have to worry about the coronaviruses, since they, unlike the wealthy, were immune to COVID-19.

According to the Infobae report of Sunday, March 29, “The majority (of those infected) are wealthy people, eh, do they know it or not? If you are rich you are at risk, if you are poor, no, the poor are immune ”, were the words of the governor.

Barbosa suggested that the cases registered in his state by coronavirus were not affecting the poorest and that was why he felt safe: “Who is infected now? Well surely right now there are many people out of 40 people, some are parents, yes, most are wealthy people … If you are rich you are at risk, if you are poor not. The poor are immune, does it come out? ”

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It is not the first time that Barbosa has made controversial statements, however, this does not help the population to know, with real information based on scientific data, how to deal with this virus, which day by day increases the number of cases despite the measures that the government has implemented so that citizens do not leave their homes and contain infections.

A few weeks ago, Barbosa assured that three coronavirus patients who traveled to Vail, Colorado, reported their cases late, hiding the symptoms they presented, and followed their social life for several days and that if they had reported in time, they would have been contained.

Miguel Barbosa, the governor of the State of Puebla,

On Friday, March 27, CNN en Español reported that Barbosa pointed out that he had been told that one of the best-known dishes of Puebla cuisine was a ‘vaccine’ against the coronavirus: “I have come to vaccinate myself in Ajalpan, against this organism. They told me that the vaccine that has already been discovered against the coronavirus is a dish made from mole from Guajolote. We are going to take a plate of vaccine against that virus that threatens the world. ”

The statements were made at a rehabilitation event of the Ajalpan Sports Unit held on March 14. Some of the attendees smiled at the joke and others applauded.

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Barbosa was questioned by journalists from Puebla. However, he declined to comment.

Until now, no scientific study has established that contagion by coronavirus occurs more frequently in any given social stratum. What they have pointed out is that seniors with diabetes, kidney problems, immune deficiencies, among others, must observe greater care.

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Nor has any type of food, plant, or medicine been shown to be effective against the virus.

According to the World Health Organization, WHO, “Although some western, traditional, or home remedies can provide comfort and alleviate the symptoms of COVID-19, there is no evidence that current medications can prevent or cure the disease. The WHO does not recommend self-medication, particularly with antibiotics, to prevent or cure covid-19. There are several ongoing clinical trials with traditional and western medications. WHO will provide updated information as soon as the results of clinical trials are available.”

Barbosa, has been Governor of the state of Puebla since August 1, 2019, for a term of 6 years. He was nominated by the Coalición Juntos Haremos Historia (Together We Will Make History Coalition), made up of the ruling Movimiento Regeneración Nacional party, the Partido del Trabajo and the Encuentro Social.

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This Friday, in his most recent press conference, he indicated that his government is mainly focused on attending to the emergency caused by the covid-19. “It is an issue that we are dealing with a lot of responsibility and in absolutely no sobriety.”

As of this Sunday afternoon, March 29, 6:00 pm, Mexico, with a population of 129 million, reported 848 confirmed cases and 16 deaths.

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