Foto: Orlando Valenzuela Ampliar Kathia Adriana Corella pasará Navidad y Año Nuevo en prisión.
Costa Rica model Kathia Adriana Corella will spend Christmas and New Years in a Nicaraguan jail. Photo: Orlando Valenzuela, El Nuvero Diario in Nicaragua

QCOSTARICA – A Costa Rica model is currently behind bars in Nicaragua, allegedly involved in money laundering in relation to a drug trafficking gang, dismantled last Friday, of which her husband was the alleged leader of the organized crime gang.

The model is Kathia Adriana Corella Rojas, 25 years of age, according to the indictment filed Monday by the Ministerio Publico de Nicaragua (Prosecutor’s Office) before Indiana Gallardo, a judge of the Ninth District Criminal Court of Managua.

Photo El Nuevo Diario
Photo El Nuevo Diario

The judge, after reviewing the evidence decided to issue a 30 day preventive custody against the Tica and six others, including two other Costa Ricans, announced the El Nuevo Diario newspaper in Nicaragua.

After the hearing, Corella told the Nicaraguan press she would be seeking the help of Costa Rica’s Foreign Ministry to mediate with Nicaraguan officials.

According to the El Neuvo Diario report, on Friday (December 4, 2015), Nicaraguan authorities gave drug trafficking a big hit, taking down a cartel operating in that country, seizing 285 kilos of cocaine, hidden in fuel tanks of two tractor trailers. One of the trucks was being driven by a Tico, identified as Artavia Vega.

Also in the compartment of a pick up truck driven by another Tico, a 20 year-old identified as Castillo Quesada, police found US$781.000 dollars in cash.

The National Police of Nicaragua reported Monday that another Costa Rican, identified as 40 year-old Pereira Castillo, alleged the leader of the group, had escaped police, but was later found in a luxury Managua home, having committed suicide.

The Tica model told the press that she is greatly affected by the suicide of her husband (Pereira Castillo) in front of her and their five year old child.

According to the 21 page indictment, of which two pages are dedicated exclusively to Corella, the Costa Rica model would send money from Nicaragua to Costa Rica in vehicles, hidden in makeshift compartments.

The model, who claims to be a third-year student of medicine in Costa Rica, denied the charges of money laundering and ties to organized crime. Speaking to reporters, Corella denied hiding the drug money in her home as the prosecution alleges, saying the only money she has is what she carries in her purse.

“I knew nothing … this is a nightmare,” Corella told the El Nuvevo Diario.

The newspaper reports the model arrived in court without the ‘vestiges of glamour”, looking tired.

Corella ( in pink) during the hearing in Ninth District Criminal Coutt of Managua, where she was remanded to 30 days preventive detention
Corella (left, in pink) during the hearing in Ninth District Criminal Coutt of Managua, where she was remanded to 30 days preventive detention. Photo El Nuevo Diario

“I came to Nicaragua on vacation and this is like a nightmare,” said Corella.

The defense asked that his client undergo psychiatric examination, “because she is very affected” after the suicide of her husband.

Costa Rica model Kathia Adriana Corella Rojas all "glamoured"
Costa Rica model Kathia Adriana Corella Rojas in better days. Photo from

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