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Top 5 Best Tips For Reinforced Rebirth in Call of Duty: Warzone

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Call of Duty players are gradually moving into the game’s new meta – The Reinforced Rebirth, to be specific. Reinforced, redefined, and rebuilt, as the name implies, will not only celebrate the history of the map but will also provide players with optimum experiences.

There are a few tips you need to use to extract the best out of your gameplay in COD Reinforced Rebirth.

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Top 5 Best Tips for Reinforced Rebirth in Call of Duty: Warzone

Keep reading as we look at the best tips for Reinforced Rebirth in Call of Duty: Warzone.

  • Play Quietly and Slowly

Spawning in Reinforced Rebirth is not guaranteed. For this reason, you must play quietly and slowly to avoid drawing attention and getting shot. Try not to run around without direction or jump into a fight without preparations (weapon equipment).

You want to stay undetected while attacking enemies. So, stay quiet, slow, and combat-ready.

Remember, you can only respawn when your teammates accomplish an objective. So, it’s ideal for taking cover as you move from one location to another. You want to avoid getting hit and wait hours for a respawn (which you may not be sure to get).

  • Check the New Ships for Valuables

Whether you find yourself at the Factory or Dock, walking over to the ships is always dangerous. On the other hand, this trip can be rewarding as you’ll find some valuables like Contracts, Supply Drops, Loadout items, etc.

But while you’re checking out the ships, stay sharp. Enemy players that know about the valuables in the ships may also be approaching for loot. You may want to take them out or escape while you can. No matter what the ships contain, you should only take valuable items and continue your adventure in the game.

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  • Equip with Fast TTK Weapons

When choosing a weapon in Reinforced Rebirth, go for the ones with a fast TTK (time-to-kill). With weapons like the HDR, your chances of taking enemies out before they aim at you will skyrocket. The HDR is a long-range rifle. Alternatively, you can battle with the MP7 for close-range shots.

Since Reinforced Rebirth in COD does not assure you a respawn, it’ll be just right for you to kill enemy players as quickly as possible. Not only will the fast TTK weapons increase your protection, but they’ll also provide you with high kills and round wins.

  • Set Traps for Enemy Players With Lethal Equipment

One of the tips for Reinforced Rebirth, to make the most of your experience and still win, is setting lethal traps near objectives. For instance, if the objective is to get the Flag, you can set down Mines and Claymores near the objective to repulse enemy players trying to get the flag.

This tip will give you high kills as it drastically reduces enemies’ numbers (especially when attempting to revive their teammates). Setting traps can go as far as making you win rounds.

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When an enemy team is left with one player focused on reviving his teammates, he may run into the trap (blindly).

  • Make the Most of Your Perks

Since respawning is not guaranteed in this game mode, you can delight in your perks and enjoy more wins. From going undetectable to recovering fast, there’s more to reap from your perks.

Perks like Ghost, High Alert, and Cold-Blooded allow you to take enemies unawares. Furthermore, the Amped and Quick Fix Perks have a powerful impact on fights. They allow you to recover fast and swap weapons with ease.

You can set traps for enemy players with your Shrapnel Perk. You can beautify every objective with your traps and dominate the map to prevent enemy players from respawning.


Winning the game modes in Call of Duty: Warzone can be thrilling, frustrating, and tricky (especially Reinforced Rebirth). Rest assured, with these tips, you will enjoy your gameplay! Use your perks to your advantage. Set traps with lethal equipment like Mines and Claymores. Check out new ships for valuables.


Remember to stay combat-ready in case you get attacked by an enemy player. Besides getting high kills and wins, these tips will make you happy when you notice you’re playing Reinforced Rebirth without dying over and over.


Before you reach a fight zone, make sure you have weapons that can kill fast (fast TTK weapons). You can choose the MP7 or the HDR. Remember, respawning is not guaranteed, so as you play, always be quiet, slow, and steady.

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