“Truce In The Rains” Not To Be Repeated This Week, Says Weather Service

The tropical wave expected for this weekend moved to the north of Central America without major affect on the country


After a week of no rain throughout most of the country, the rains did return on Saturday as forecast by the national weather service, but not with the intensity expected.

On Saturday, the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional (IMN) – National Meteorological Institute – recorded isolated rainfall on the Pacific Coast, Guanacaste and some parts of the Central Valley.

The tropical wave that has been expected to bring lots of rain affected mainly the north of Cental America.


According to Juan Diego Narajano of the IMN, the “truce in the rains” experienced last week will not be repeated this coming week, as typical October rains will prevail.

On Saturday, it was shortly after 2 pm when rain fell in some areas of the Central Valley, like in Santa Ana where the Q is located. In the Central Pacific and Liberia, Guanacaste, reports are of only showers.

Naranjo added that, for the time being, the IMN has not detected the formation of any low pressure system in the Caribbean that could affect us in the coming days.

However, that weather service is keeping a watchful eye on any potential developments of a low-pressure system in the south-west of the Caribbean Sea (North of Panama), which would significantly increase the amount of rainfall on the Pacific slope next week.