The Turrialba volcano Wednesday morning
The Turrialba volcano Wednesday morning photo from the Ovsicori

Q COSTA RICA NEWS – Following days of none and weeks of little activity, this Wednesday morning (Dec. 7), the Turrialba volcano made its presence felt again. The Volcanological and Seismological Observatory of Costa Rica (Ovsicori) reported ash fall in the some areas of the Central Valley, such as Guadalupe and San Pedro.

The morning activity was described as “weak but constant” by Ovsicori experts, who confirmed the winds blowing west towards the most populated area of the country.

From the Ovsicori
From the Ovsicori

The San Jose airport (SJO) did not report any presence of ash, the airport manager, Aeris, confirmed airport operations as being normal.

The volcano entered a “passive” phase of eruption on Tuesday, after five days of no activity. The eruptions reactivated in the early hours of Wednesday morning, a plume of ash and gas reaching 500 metres above the crater of the volcano.

The Ovsicori said it recorded some ash fall and the smell of sulfur in downtown San Jose, Tibás, Guadalupe, Coronado, Montes de Oca and San Francisco de Dos Ríos.