Sunday, 5 July 2020

UCR doctors have ready the first non-invasive ventilator ready for patients with COVID-19

The university now requires inancial support and final authorization from the Ministry of Health for mass production of the Fluxus Mask

(QCOSTARICA) The first model of non-invasive ventilation and with a built-in isolation mask to treat patients with COVID-19, Fluxus Mask, created by a group of doctors from the University of Costa Rica (UCR), passed all preclinical tests and safety parameters.

The Fluxus Mask, the first model of non-invasive ventilation with a built-in isolation mask to treat patients with COVID-19. (Photo: UCR)

The UCR reports that the ventilator increases lung capacity, improves gas exchange, and has biological filters that prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2.

The creative group is made up of doctors Jean Carlo Segura Aparicio and Lizbeth Salazar Sánchez, from the UCR School of Medicine; Olman Coronado García, respiratory therapist at the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (CCSS); and Miguel Imbach Bartol and Pablo González Lucas, Lucas ElectroHidráulica, a private company

- paying the bills -

This team worked for four months to develop the model. Now they are seeking financial support and final authorization from the Ministry of Health to start mass production.

The Fluxus Mask is innovative because it does not depend on electrical energy to operate, which makes it easy to use; for example, in ambulances and places where there is not always electricity. Second, patient intubation is not required. Third, the isolation mask for the sick person reduces the risk of contagion for health personnel.

And fourth, it has a low production cost.

According to Jean Carlo Segura, a traditional respirator costs approximately US$10,000 dollars, while the Fluxus Mask would cost around US$2,000.

Another positive point is that the medical supplies required to make it, such as filters, valves, or tubes, are widely available in Costa Rica. It is also easily sterilizable, allowing it to be used over again in other patients, with a change of filters and valves.

- paying the bills -

The Fluxus Mask is inspired by diving. Miguel Imbach Bartol explained that the diving team uses a cylinder of compressed air, which comes out with force when the valve is opened. This ventilator is adapted to a “breathable” pressure, for patients with respiratory difficulties

If you wish to collaborate with the financing of this project, you can directly contact Dr. Jean Carlo Segura Aparicio by phone: (506) 2511 5910 or by email:

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