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UFOs Have A Kind of Route Through The Mountainous Areas of Costa Rica (photos and Videos)

Heredia couple say they have taken many photos and videos of UFOs - ovnis in Spanish - over Costa Rica's mountains and volcanoes

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This is no joke. Unidentified flying objects (UFOs) – objetos voladores no identificados (ovnis) in Spanish – apparently have a flight route established in Costa Rica and use it often, this according to Alejandro Sáenz, an amateur ufologist who has often seen objects in the sky and his wife, Cindy Picado, who regularly observe and photograph the flying objects from their home located in San Isidro de Heredia.

Alejandro Sáenz and his wife, Cindy Picado, say they have taken photos and videos of many UFOs in Costa Rica

Sáenz, an architect by profession, says he records his sightings in photos and videos of the peaks of some mountains used by the aliens ships as orientation guides, routes, which according to him, intensify in the month of September, the month with more sightings of the usual.

On the left and below, among the trees, there is a UFO in the Zurquí. Photo: Alejandro Sáenz.

“They emerge from the Barva volcano, from there they head to the Zurquí, then to the Turrialba volcano and Irazú. Then they pass through La Carpintera and descend on Pico Blanco in Escazú and the wind turbines of Santa Ana,” Sáenz said.

A UFO over the Irazú volcano, one of the highest sighting spots. Photo: Alejandro Saenz.
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The architect commented that he has pictures of UFOs in each of those places, taken with a Nikon Coolpix 900 camera with a 125x digital zoom. He explained that in his house he has a room with a balcony facing east, to be able to take the opportunity to be aware of the movements of the flying objects.

“From there we look towards the Turrialba and the Irazú volcanoes. We always get up at dawn to take pictures,” he said.

Another room in the house has a view to the south, so from there he locates the other sites he mentioned. He, along with his wife, Cindy Picado, have taken many pictures of UFOs and have a website where they usually share those images.

On the Pico Blanco in Escazú. Photo: Alejandro Sáenz

“In pure observation, we have been able to determine that they use the peaks of the mountains as highways, they pass over the mountain ranges, these points serving as guides. We have already seen them several times bordering the entire perimeter to reach a certain altitude, very close to the mountain, we calculate at about eighty meters,” he explained.

UFO phenomenon investigator, Max Cordero, said that there is a high probability that what Saenz says is true.

“We do not know it with certainty because it is only a theory, but there are many possibilities that these flying objects follow previously traced routes and recharge energy on the road. The mountains, the volcanoes and the hills are known as energetic places, where it is assumed that their ships can be supplied with energy,” he said.

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UFO craziness

The architect points out that September is characterized by the large number of flying objects that are observed. In fact, he pointed out that between September 14 and 15 “it was very moving”.

Sáenz said that they saw one on September 7 and that it caught his attention because it was very striking, so much so that it registered very well in two fixed shots where the object’s advancement can be seen between the Turrialba and Irazú volcanoes.

The wind turbines in Santa Ana. Photo: Alejandro Saénz

“It is very outstanding because the image is in high resolution and perhaps stands out for the landscape and reflection that the unit (UFO) has,” he said.

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In summary, the couple (Sáenz who is more into videos and Cindy, who is an expert in photography) saw UFOs on September 7, 13, 14 and on the 15th they grabbed it again with a spectacular video, which according to him, is one of the best he has seen in Costa Rica.

The architect said that on those days they saw multiple objects.

Saenz explained how on the day his “chiquitín” (little kid) was in the (September 14) parades and then dropped him off at school, he took the opportunity to take some shots fo the San Isidro church.

Through La Carpintera. Photo: Alejandro Sáenz.

“I took a picture of Cindy and at that moment I did not see anything, but when I saw the pictures later, I noticed that there was an object behind, where the church clock can be seen,” said Saenz.

Cordero, for his part, commented that the months of most sightings are those of summer, because there are fewer obstacles in the sky, but he does not contradict what  Saenz and his wife have seen, especially in September.

“I think when we see more UFOs (which are not necessarily spaceships) when the sky is clearer and in September it does not get that much. Maybe it’s luck they have,” he said.

Source (in Spanish): La Teja

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