Saturday, 4 July 2020

Use of a mask is mandatory for bus and taxi drivers

The use of a mask is recommended for users by the Public Transport Council, but not a rule

The use of face masks or face shields is now mandatory for bus and taxi drivers during their work shifts.

This is established in the new guideline issued by the Ministry of Health and the Council of Public Transport (CTP), intended to prevent COVID-19 spread within public transport units.

Health authorities do not consider the mandatory use of masks necessary for users (passengers) only when “the exposure exceeds 15 minutes”. Although it is not a rule, it is a recommendation promoted by the CTP.

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“Wearing a mask when we travel by bus or taxi will allow us to protect each other, it reduces the risk of contagion and that is why we will continue to insist that it be a mandatory measure,” said Manuel Vega, executive director of the CTP.

Among the new provisions stands out the obligatory social distancing at bus stops.

In addition, “Supervisors or checkers must ensure that people access public transport respecting lines and the social distance of 1.8 meters prior to and during boarding, which must be promoted through appropriate labeling,” the Health document reads.

The prohibition of transporting passengers standing is maintained, precisely to reduce the risk of transmission of the virus.

For taxi users, these are some of the measures included in the new guideline:

  • It is best if the user does not use the front seat next to the driver as a distance measure.
  • The taxi driver may use a barrier between the driver and the user, made of plastic, vinyl or acrylic, as long as they do not endanger the safety of the occupants or visibility while driving.
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