Rico’s TICO BULL – With the lights and sirens, three Policia de Transito officials (transitos), escorted the former president of the Legislative Assembly, Gonzalo Ramírez and American motivational speaker, who is visiting Costa Rica.

Photo from Crhoy.com

The vehicle, a BMW, carrying Ramirez and Maxwell, left La Uruca and made their way through traffic to Zapote escorted by the three “transitos”, arriving at Casa Presidnecial at 3:07 pm, according to the official log.

The two men had a meeting with the Ministro de la Presidencia (Chief of Staff), Rodolfo Piza.

But, Ramirez who is no longer a public official and Maxwell is NOT on an official state visit.

Police escorts are bestowed upon visitors on “official visits” to Costa Rica.

I personally had the experience of being part of a 10 car caravan with four police escorts (two transitos and two national police) during a visit for a foreign dignitary (a Prince no less) a couple of years ago, in Costa Rica on official visit.

My private transportation company often gets hired to provide transport for very important people. The Prince visit was the only ever to get a police escort. In fact, on occasions when representatives of the Prince’s government have come to visit, no police escort was provided, even when visiting Casa Presidencial.

So was Maxwell given the ‘official’ business?

The director of the Policia de Transito, German Marin, has yet to reply. And most likely won’t.

At Casa Presidencial, they assure that they did not issue the order. Nor do they know who did.

Nor did the transitos providing the escort know why or who. One of the transitos told Crhoy.com, “I am an employee, I follow orders”. What the video below.

Waste of taxpayer’s money? You bet. But what bugs me the most is the use of three transitos of a police force, whose resources are so limited, barely able to keep enough officials on the road.