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Why Costa Rica is a Thriving Latin America Tech Hub

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Paying the bills


Costa Rica has embraced the forefront of the tech future. With a remarkable $3.3 billion in technology and communication exports worldwide, the nation boasts top-tier technology education and an exceptional talent pool. The allure of this thriving tech scene has not gone unnoticed, as more than 350 multinational corporations, including renowned names like HP, IBM, and Intel, have established their presence in Costa Rica — and Assemble is proud to be a part of this dynamic landscape.

Let’s explore how Costa Rica has established itself as a global juggernaut in technology, seamlessly fusing innovation and business savvy into a potent advantage for marketers.

Cultural Compatibility

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Collaborating with Costa Rican talent guarantees a seamless experience with no communication gaps. The country has integrated many cultural and work style elements from the United States, bolstered by a vibrant expatriate community. This cultural awareness fosters an environment where employees are empowered to voice their opinions — a significant departure from norms in other countries.

In 2019, Costa Rica showcased its English language proficiency, clinching the top rank in Latin America for TOEFL and TOEIC tests. Local talent consistently showcases dedication to learning, a passion for growth, and an eagerness to seize opportunities.

Costa Rica’s central time zone perfectly facilitates smooth workflows across the United States, eliminating the need for early morning or late-night meetings and preventing over 24-hour waits for feedback. This detail is pivotal in an industry where real-time collaboration is crucial for meeting deadlines and retaining clients, especially for teams spanning multiple locations.

The aspect of collaboration also makes it possible to benefit from cross-border facilities that may be unavailable to other regions. For example, you can discover California’s legal gambling landscape and explore top casinos from any part of Costa Rica. However, with the stringent gambling laws in California, you will need expert recommendations for online casinos in the state, including crucial details of industry legislation.

Digitally Prepared

At the core of their success lies their exceptional digital readiness. Leveraging a dependable workforce and an energy infrastructure nearly free from fossil fuels, Costa Rica has diligently paved the way for the forthcoming digital technology era over several decades. This strategic approach has propelled them significantly ahead of many of their international counterparts. Their distinction as the top-ranking nation for innovation in Latin America, as recognized by The World Economic Forum, underscores their exceptional commitment to localized initiatives that fuel worldwide progress. In turn, this has given them a distinct upper hand in the domains of digital services and the facilitation of distributed work.

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Wealth of Talent

Despite its modest size, the Costa Rican tech community boasts an exceptional assembly of talent and expertise in diverse domains, which encompass:

  • Digital Production, encompassing the creation of banners and the orchestration of email campaigns.
  • Web Development, which capitalizes on modern and inventive frameworks like React, Vue, and Angular.
  • Mobile Apps, where they excel in crafting native, hybrid, and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).
  • eDetailing & eLearning, wherein they craft educational applications and interactive visual aids tailored for pharmaceutical sales teams.

Furthermore, the tech community in Costa Rica is characterized by its proficiency in a spectrum of sought-after programming languages, including HTML, Java, NodeJS, Python, and more. Notably, their ever-expanding cadre of highly-trained engineers stands out as the top-ranking resource for offering premier service talent and digital technology skills in Latin America, a distinction acknowledged by CINDE.

Made for Success

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Annually, Costa Rica sees over 3,500 engineering graduates and 7,000 science, tech, engineering, and math experts join the workforce. Impressively, 37% of these newcomers are women, underlining the nation’s dedication to diversity. Over the last decade, Costa Rica has introduced 23 specialized academic programs, even partnering with institutions like Texas University for this transformative push.

Central to Costa Rica’s success is its commitment to free, universal education, yielding exceptional results. Costa Rican students excel in top-tier tech education across Latin America, outperforming countries like Ireland, France, South Korea, and India in cultivating workforce-aligned skills.


Costa Rica’s unwavering political stability and robust democracy create a secure environment for lasting partnerships, making it a new tourist hub. Often likened to the “Switzerland” of Latin America, the nation has maintained a military-free stance since 1948, opting for defense collaboration with the US to uphold its commitment to peace. Instead of military spending, federal resources are channeled into education, guaranteeing free and mandatory schooling for all Costa Ricans.

Education and healthcare take precedence, and sustainable business practices are a top priority too. Businesses seek stable investments and ethical decision-making. Costa Rica is a global sustainability exemplar, with over 90% of its energy from renewables. With 5% of the world’s biodiversity, 26% of its land is protected, reflecting a steadfast environmental dedication for potential partners to embrace.

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Paying the bills
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