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Woman records UFO in Plaza González Víquez

Dayana Montreal used her cell phone to record a flying object for at least ten seconds early Sunday morning.

Dayana Montreal used her cell phone to record a flying object for at least ten seconds early Sunday morning.

QCOSTARICA – At dawn on Sunday, May 16, Costa Rica was visited by a UFO. At least that is what Dayana Montreal, who was watching television in her apartment, near Plaza González Víquez, in San José, recorded with her cellphone phone when something outside caught her attention.

This NOT what she saw. See La Teja for the video recorded by Dayana

As she leaned out, she observed to the east a flying object that was moving at high speed and had a bright light.

It was 1:17 am.

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“Immediately a UFO came to mind. It was not a helicopter, not an airplane, it was moving very fast. I discarded those options, in addition to the fact that it was flying high and it did not emit any sounds,” Dayana explained to La Teja.

However, she adds that by paying attention to the video that she recorded, she was able to capture a strange sound that seems like interference, but without being entirely sure.

View the video at La Teja.

Her rare experience left her wondering. The young woman didn’t fall asleep at 5 in the morning, without being able to tell anyone what happened due to the time.

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“I didn’t know whether to believe or if I was dreaming, I only managed to record with my cell phone because I knew that they would not believe me. I told my best friend earlier in the morning and she didn’t believe me until she saw the video. I’m sure it’s a UFO,” she

“I also watched videos on YouTube and saw that the Pentagon released some unpublished shots of UFOs and it looks a lot like what I saw. That reaffirms that it is a UFO,” said Dayana.

Indeed, in April 2020, the United States Department of Defense admitted that three videos that were on the web were real and that it did not know what it was about.

In DoD videos, you can see how an object that is longer than it is wide move quickly, and a few seconds after being detected by one of the sensors of an airplane, it disappears to the left after a sudden acceleration. In another, an object is distinguished above the clouds and the pilot is heard in the cockpit audio asking if it is a drone.

“Some have written me on Instagram and asked me things like what time it (the sighting) was, where and if I would send them the video,” added Dayana.

Her experience shocked her and she maintains that ite made her change her mind because until Sunday she was skeptical of this kind of thing.

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“I consider myself a reasonable person, I don’t believe in ghosts, or witchcraft, I didn’t believe in UFOs or aliens either. It seemed stupid to think that there were people who claimed to have seen them, until I witnessed that strange presence that I still cannot explain,” she said.

Some friends of hers have asked if she is sure and have even hinted that her video is a montage.

“Imagine. I wouldn’t bother to call you (journalist) knowing it’s a lie. How am I going to do a montage?” she said.

Alejandro Sáenz, a fan of the UFO subject and who has taken and documented hundreds of photos and videos, saw the recording and affirmed that it is not a montage and that (the object) is similar to many of those that he has seen and that he has uploaded. to his social network page Cial Observación Ovni CR.

Photographer Roger Arce, who analyzes photos and videos to determine if it is a montage, affirmed that what is seen in Dayana’s recording is real. He said that for him, it is a UFO.

Dayana couldn’t believe what she was seeing

Particular trait

Alejandro said that the striking thing about the Plaza González Víquez UFO is its powerful light.

“It moves parallel to the witness. It is not a headlight, it is rather a light that is not red or green, which indicates that it is not an airplane. A drone doesn’t fly so online,” he explained.

In addition, he rules out that it is the International Space Station or a satellite.

“It has a very powerful flickering light. The satellites are seen between six and seven in the afternoon and between four and five in the morning due to the reflection of the solar angle. She saw at at one in the morning, it’s nothing like that,” he added.

Sáenz explained that many sightings occur before or after a seismic movement or many times while it is occurring. This May 14 there was a 4.9 magnitude earthquake according to the Ovsicori, whose epicenter was in Manuel Antonio.

“Days ago there was an earthquake and there were reports of UFO sightings, it is customary that they are seen when it trembles. There is a kind of very curious relationship,” added Sáenz.

For now, what Dayana saw is a mystery.

Article translated and adapted from La Teja “Mujer graba ovni en plaza González Víquez “. Read the original here.

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