Monday 28 November 2022

Woman sentenced to 18 years in prison for using social media to prostitute minors

The accused took the victims to hotels or motels, where they were sexually exploited by clients for amounts between ¢5,000 and ¢10,000 colones

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HQ – A woman, identified as Karol Tatiana Solís Álvarez and known by the alias “La Macha”, was sentenced to 18 years in prison for committing three crimes of trafficking in persons under the modality of sexual exploitation, in other words, pimping.

The woman was arrested last August outside a hotel that is located on the way to Pital de San Carlos, Alajuela. Photo: OIJ

The Prosecutor’s Office reported that from February 19, 2019, to August 2020, the defendant dedicated herself to promoting, facilitating, favoring, and the recruitment of minors.

She explained that Solís looked for women in vulnerable conditions, “because they are poor, single mothers or because they do not have a stable job.”

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Then he subjected them to sexual exploitation in exchange for obtaining an economic benefit of her own, charging a commission for each person who asked to have a sexual encounter with the victims.

At trial, it was also proven that, through WhatsApp, the woman sent photos of the women to third parties, then transferring them to hotels or motels, where they were sexually exploited for amounts between ¢5,000 and ¢10,000 colones.

La Macha was captured on August 6, 2020, outside a hotel that is located on the way to Pital de San Carlos, Alajuela.

At the time of the arrest, the woman was accompanied by two victims, a Costa Rican and a Nicaraguan, who, apparently, on their way for a sexual encounter with clients.

t is believed that the defendant worked alongside another suspect named Aguilar Murillo, who was also arrested on August 6.

Authorities stated that she is known as “La Patrona” (the boss) and it is believed that at some point they worked together to pimp the women. La Patrona is awaiting trial.

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