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Yokasta Valle takes off her gloves: “Men are afraid of me”

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Q MAGAZINE – Without a doubt, Yokasta Valle, a Costa Rican (born August 28, 1992 in Nicaragua) professional boxer lived a dream year in 2022.

Yokasta Valle confessed that she wants to get married in the church, in white, just as her grandmother told her. (Libby Arce Makeup) (Marvin Caravaca)

The unification of the world title of the 105 pounds and the 108 pounds of the International Boxing Federation (IBF) and the World Boxing Organization (WBO), being chosen by the IBF as the Boxer of the Year, signing for the Golden Boy Promoter and fighting in the United States, they are reasons enough to feel more than satisfied.

Yokasta Valle was challenged by La Nacion to get out of the ring and talk about her most personal facet, about her dreams, likes and goals for the future, beyond boxing.

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As is her temperament, Valle, far from being intimidated, accepted the challenge and talked about her life outside the ring and the spotlight to show us the beautiful woman that many admire.

Does Yoka get a lot of gifts, flowers and chocolates from her admirers?

What I receive the most are gifts from different brands, ventures. They send me food, and I’m happy (laughs). If they know I’m having a birthday, they send me cakes, flowers, and the truth is, I really appreciate it. I often advertise them and I am very grateful for the gifts.

Are there anonymous admirers looking to win you over?

You will see that I have not received anything anonymous. On social networks, they invite me a lot to go out, but obviously, I am not going to accept an invitation on social networks from a stranger. Most of them write to wish me success and good luck in the fights and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

What are the flowers that you like to be given the most?

I love roses.

Image: Yokasta Valle confessed that she wants to get married in the church, in white, just as her grandmother told her. (Libby Arce Makeup) (Marvin Caravaca)

Do men write to you a lot on social networks?

Both men and women. But I feel that men are afraid of me.

They are afraid?

It’s funny just because I’m a boxer, when they run into me on the street, they’re scared. I don’t know if I intimidate them but they don’t talk to me. The first thing they tell me is be careful, it hits me. Hey! No! I am very calm. Obviously, in the ring it is different, but I live laughing.

Why do you think men take that attitude?

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One day she was talking on a podcast about how difficult it is. Sometimes it seems that men are intimidated by a successful woman, they tend to think that being famous is going to ignore them, as they look down on themselves, but nothing to do with it. I’m not looking for a man who is famous, who must have money or be a boxer. Not at all.

What is your ideal man?

I am looking for a person with whom to have a good time, who supports me in all my projects. He doesn’t have to be muscular, a jock, or a boxer. He must be patient with me, make me laugh, and with whom I can have a good time, have a good time, and achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. Share good moments. That is nice.

Does Yokasta have time for a boyfriend?

Yes, I have had a boyfriend, but it has not gone well for me.

What could be the reason?

The lifestyle that I lead, dedicated to boxing, to my family, I don’t have much time, that limits me. That part matters a lot.

Do you dream of getting married?

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Yes, of course. I remember that my grandmother would take us to mass and she would tell me that I had to marry in the church. I want to get married in white, a big wedding, in the church.

And have children?

I don’t know if I want to have children. I have my little niece and only time will tell.

Have you ever received proposals from any fans?

No. Most of them are very respectful and wish me success, greet me and tell me that I am very pretty. Both men and women are afraid of me (laughs).

How sexy do you consider yourself?

Quite a lot, of course. All women at some point feel sexy when we get ready, we take time for ourselves, we do our nails and we dress well. As I have confidence in the ring, I also have it out of the ring. I tell myself, I am a beautiful woman and that confidence makes us look more beautiful.

Does being a successful athlete make you look sexier?

It may be that a person not only admires you for your sporting achievements, but also for how you carry yourself or how you dress. I know that it is impossible to go unnoticed because I have a profession that makes me look more exposed.

How often do you go to the beauty salon?

I go often. The truth is that it is Mario (Vega, her promoter) who limits me due to some commitment we have. I try to go every 15 days to do my nails, and hair and do a cleansing. If it were up to me, every time a nail is broken, I would go to the salon.

How big is your wardrobe?

Big, nothing more fits in the closet. I really have to take time to organize it. These days, together with my sister, we have been talking about launching our own brand of clothing, shoes, and jewelry. These are things that we are analyzing for the future.

How do you currently manage your sponsors?

They invite me to many places, but Mario is the one who manages my schedule. We always try to be faithful to the companies that supported us from the beginning. In San Carlos and Guanacaste I have my favorite hotels to go to on vacation. I have nothing signed with them, but they are companies that were with us from the beginning and we are very grateful to them.

I also get invited to schools and colleges. Whenever I have time we go, but as I said, Mario is the one who manages my schedule and sometimes ir is not so simple and it is difficult for us due to training or camps abroad.

Read the original interview in La Nacion:

Born in Matagalpa, Nicaragua, Valle moved to Costa Rica when she was 7 years old. Valle holds Costa Rican nationality and, thus, represents Costa Rica, but has stated that she represents Costa Rica and Nicaragua due to her origins.

Yokasta is a world champion in two weight classes, having held the IBF female mini flyweight title since 2019 and previously the IBF female junior mini flyweight title in 2016.

She has also challenged once for the WBO female junior flyweight title in 2017 and once for the WBC female mini flyweight title in 2018. As of May 2020, she is ranked as the world’s fourth best active female mini flyweight by BoxRec.


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