bac bac(QCOSTARICA) A total of 87% of small and medium entrepreneurs in Costa Rica do not know the rate per kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity they consume in their businesses, reveals the first national survery by Unimer for the BAC San José.

The research of Medianas y Pequeñas Empresas (Pymes) in Spanish was conducted by Unimer’s Cristina Moreno, director of quantitive projects and Marcela Salas, director of qualitative projects.

Their investigation included nine in-depth interviews and 196 surveys conducted throughout the country from May to September 2014.

According to the experts, one of the findings was that entrepreneurs are also unclear about the difference between energy efficiency and alternative energy.

“They are familiar with the concepts but don’t apply them much,” said Salas.

Salas added that. for many people thing energy efficiences as being behavioural changes like teaching their employees to turn off lights when not being used, but few go beyond that to learn about the technology.

Another finding was that only 24% of the interviewed have in their business someone responsible to evaluate the monthly energy consumption and take action.


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