After a stint of one year, three months and some days in a Nicaraguan jail, the Costa Rican model, Adriana Corella, has shown on the social networks she is recovering her life.

Accused of money laundering and then after being tried, convicted to four years in jail, Corella was deported back to Costa Rica at the end of March of this year.

“I do not regret anything because every decision I made was because I wanted to. The good results made me happy and the bad ones brought me closer to God,” Corella published on Instagram on July 9.

Amanecí con ganas de despedir el pasado, besar el presente y mirar sólo el futuro.

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Part of that getting her life back is “chineos” (pampering) that she is giving her body, posting photos on Instagram and Facebook, along with accounts of her the activities of her daily life.

Among her activities was a whitening of her teeth, plastering photos of the process all over her social media accounts. On Tuesday, August 8, promoting a cosmetic surgery clinic.

“I tell you that I am very happy because they are pampering to me,” said the posted publication.

The images Corella shares with us today are a lot different than what we saw of her during her “detention” period in Nicaragua.

It was back in December 2015 when she was caught in an action by the Nicaraguan national police against the drug trafficking gang “El Cacique”. Corella was the wife of Walter Periera Castillo, the leader of the El Cacique, who took his own life rather than be taken by police. Castillo and Corella have a daughter.

The Nicaraguan judiciary accused Corella of handling the money for the drug gang and for which she was convicted.

Photo of the model during the trial in Nicaragua.

Today, on her Facebook and Instagram accounts, the model posts many professional photos in swimsuit, lingerie, bot recent and her work in the past.

She also takes time to respond to the many comments posted by friends and followers.

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