The Diaro Extra, the self-billed “most sold newspaper in the country” reports that the Banco Nacional (BN) will close the accounts of Uber drivers, the State bank deeming the activity “not acceptable”.

In the photo an Uber driver (and his passenger) came under the scrutiny of the airport police and the Policia de Transito in a routine spotcheck being carried out in the area of the airport in the last couple of weeks. Photo taken by Rico at the Juan Santamaria Airport on Monday, Nov. 27, 2017,

The publications posted a partial letter, dated November 23, 2017, submitted by an Uber driver after receiving notice from the bank, adding to the concerns of drivers who are constantly harassed by formal taxi drivers and the focus of the Policia de Transito (traffic police).

“Given that at the country level such activity is not formally authorized in our internal policies, it is classified as an unacceptable activity, so we urge you to refrain from using our platform for the receipt of these funds,” the document reads.

Partial letter published by the Diario Extra

“If you do not comply with this request, we will be obliged to proceed with the closing of passive products (accounts) that your person has with this institution,” reads the official notice, which has the official seals of the bank.

For months, (formal) taxi drivers have asked the different banking institutions of the country to carry out an audit of the income that is made by Uber to their drivers.

This adducing that the drivers are not remitting tax information, ie payments to the Ministerio de Hacienda (tax department), which for them, the taxi drivers, is a clear evasion of taxes.

The Diario Extra says it confirmed the authenticity of the letter with the bank. The Dirección de Relaciones Institucionales replying that the Uber drivers with accounts at the bank are on notice and will move to close the accounts.

This move is sure to result in a major concern by the thousands of Uber drivers with accounts at the Banco Nacional and possibly at other State and private banks, given the transport app company pays driver earnings by way of direct deposit.

Uber has yet to speak out on this.

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