TICO BULL — It feels like I went back in time this morning, internet wise that is.

Despite the assurances by the three major mobile internet service providers – Kolbi (ICE), Movistar and Claro – that internet services will not be affected by the maintenance work being carried out on the Maya-1 submarine cable, clicking on enter takes you back in time…wait…wait…ok here we go…wait…wait…a little more…wait…wait…wait some more, well, you get the point.

When it come to cable internet (my main connection), I had to switch off Cable Tica, perhaps the most stable of the fixed internet services, opting for my Kolbi 4G LTE. My friends with Tico (former Amnet) report the same problems…wait…wait…wait…wait…wait…or there goes something…wait…wait…wait… still waiting.

The Sutel did warn us that the scheduled maintenance of the Maya-1 cable would result in service interruptions, so I am not surprised, nor frustrated. Just an amusing reminded of what was in Costa Rica not too long ago.

Use the comments section below to post your comments on the service this weekend.

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