QCOSTARICA BLOG – We are a nation that seems to go from one end of the spectrum to the other, a sort of bi-polar experience in daily life.

Life in Costa Rica is a gamble, at best. Many expats and locals live in pastoral environments while million others live in fear of everyday things ranging from simple stolen goods to violent home invasion. Both tend to go unabated.

The Central Valley (GAM – Gran Area Metropolitana) seems to be headquarters of discontent while news of killings, robberies in rural areas such a Playas del Coco make the paper but only after some hideous crimes have been committed, and over long periods of time, totally unabated by law enforcement.

If responsibility goes unscathed at the top level of government, can one imagine what it is like further down to totem pole? Municipalities are a shamble and citizens of Costa Rica do not deserve this or the absence of much-needed community care.

Last weeks, two commuter trains crashed head-on injuring 106 people. The Government said, “the safety system is archaic.” Tell me what is so academically demanding to allow two trains headed directly towards each other, at the same time, the same place on a one-way track?

How hard can this be?

Have we ever tried training people to think instead of memorize?

Train “A” leaves at xyz time headed to San Jose, but train “B” has been told to head for the opposite direction resulting in a head crash and 106 people injured.

This is all run by INCOFER, the very railroad that was shut down by Jose Maria Figueres, our newest presidential pre-candidate.

While our forests and waterfalls attract thousands of people and hundreds of investors, tourist as well as big spenders need to be advised that all is not “Pura” in “Pura Vida” Land.

Think of this, La Nacion, the foremost Spanish language newspaper reported, that the all new trains were really only using wooden truck brakes for lack of the real thing.

Another oxymoron putting human life at risk because we are archaic.

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