Costa Rica has the highest fuel prices in Central America, recent survey.

COSTA RICA NEWS – Despite the price drop last week, Costa Rica still has the most expensive gasoline in Central America.

That is the finding of an analysis by the by the Comité de Cooperación de Hidrocarburos de América Central (Central America Cooperation Committee on Hydrocarbons) of fuel prices in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama, between August 27 to August 24, 2014.

Before the price drop on August 25, Costa Rica had the highest prices in the region. After the drop, it still has the highest prices.

The price of a litre of gasoline in Costa Rica is ¢774 for super and regular ¢752.

Translated into U.S. gallons and dollars, the price is: US$5.36 and US$5.21. (Exchange rate used ¢545 to US$1; 3.78 litres to one US gallon).

The country with the lowest prices (Aug 17 – 24) was Panama with a per US gallon cost of US$4.05 for super and US$3.91 for regular.

Second to Costa Rica in costliest fuel is:

  • El Salvador US$4.25 and US$4.01
  • Guatemala, US$4.23 and US$4.04
  • Honduras US$4.89 and US$4.59; and
  • Nicaragua US$4.89 and US$4.71

Note: Belize is rarely taken into account in any survey or reference to Central America


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